Asset-Based Lending

Technology to Capitalize on Expanding
ABL Opportunities

This is a pivotal time for asset-based lenders. With a mix of unprecedented challenges and opportunities, borrowers are developing and deploying strategies to conserve capital and push forward with solid growth strategies. Asset-based lending (ABL), a core funding tool to enable growth, will continue to experience strong global demand. But as a growing list of fintechs creates new competition, you need smart, new technologies to help you win deals, grow borrower loyalty and better detect, interpret and mitigate risk.

Loan Management

Technology that drives ABL portfolio growth

Providing secured finance lenders with a broad range of solutions is one of the primary reasons IDS acquired the best-in-class ABL software from William Stucky & Associates. The combination of IDScloud, the leading SaaS platform, and Stucky™ ABL and borrower portal technology positions you for success in this promising market. This proven software platform provides powerful dashboards for forecasting and monitoring trends. It also supports multiple index types, including prime, fixed, SOFR and LIBOR.

Key Features

  • Interest & Fee Calculation
    The imminent shift from LIBOR to SOFR rates can present challenges for your team — and increase the opportunity for rate calculation errors. Our technology ensures that your operations will be fully SOFR-compliant.
  • Management Reports & Trend Analysis
    You can produce customized reports to review daily or monthly portfolio status. You can check end-of-day collateral and loan balance positions, review reminders, identify out-of-formula clients or loans and recap monthly interest and fees calculations. Trend reports are produced on a daily, weekly and monthly basis at the loan, client and portfolio level.
  • Simplified Report Archiving
    Flexible storage and retrieval features allow you to archive all daily and monthly reports within the database. This provides a higher level of security for historical reports and guarantees that backup copies of the report archive are produced.

Credit Monitoring

Powerful tools for mitigating portfolio risk

Stucky™ ABL software provides comprehensive collateral monitoring and analysis capabilities, including the ability to examine, monitor, track and calculate borrowing base versus asset base. Our solution uses complex algorithms to identify irregularities based on a number of critical factors, including verifications, reconciliations, aging reports, collateral documentation, receivable cash remittances, accounts payable aging, inventory reports, ineligible calculations and maintenance of data files and trend cards. Accounts receivable automation tools also allow your analysts to download monthly aging reports from borrowers. This reduces the potential for errors and frees analysts to spend time on more strategic work.

Key Features

  • Availability Calculation
    Our solution automates a range of complex availability calculations, including collateral values, ineligibles, advance rates, loan balances and line limits on a client-by-client basis. The resulting matrix determines loan level and client level availability, based on an established set of rules.
  • Daily Collateral & Loan Balance Posting
    Changes to the collateral and loan balances are posted from borrowing base certificates or separate sales and cash receipt journals, which can be viewed on a daily loan posting screen. Advances and lockbox sweep amounts or cash receipts can also be posted using this program. Data display in the daily loan posting screen drives automated recalculation of up-to-date collateral, loan and availability balances.

Borrower Portal

Control for you, access for your borrowers

A configurable portal — available as a desktop or mobile application — allows your clients to attach supporting loan agreement documentation to satisfy reporting requirements. This process is automated and online, which is far more efficient than traditional emailing of reports. It also gives your clients the ability to request new funding, check the real-time status of collection activities and review key documents, such as images of checks or remittance letters.

Intuitive Tools Connecting You With Your Borrowers

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