International Decision Systems (IDS) supports its’ employees across the globe with many benefits. Depending on your region or country, here are some of the comprehensive employee benefits IDS offers:

Health and Dental

IDS offers a range of high quality and competitive health and dental plans and gives you the tools and information you need to take control of your health and well-being. IDS offers competitive healthcare programs specific to the country in which you are employed, complying with all government entitlements and medical plan coverage guidelines.

Tuition Assistance

IDS supports employees’ needs both inside and outside of the office. That’s why we offer valuable perks like tuition assistance.

Public Transportation

IDS offers public transportation programs specific to the country in which you are employed.

Pre-Tax Investing

We offer a variety of pre-tax programs such as a 401K, 401K matching, and Health Savings Accounts to help you save money now to enjoy in the future. Programs vary by region.

Paid Time Off

IDS gives you the resources and flexibility you need to enjoy a healthy work-life balance. IDS wants you to be successful knows that means providing time off to keep you sharp and motivated. IDS offers Personal Time Off (PTO), floating holidays and public holidays in recognition of a world public holiday calendar. IDS is locally competitive and/or compliant with government requirements.

Life and Disability Insurance

Let’s face it. In life, you can’t plan for everything. But as an IDS employee, you can financially protect yourself and your family against the unexpected with disability and life insurance coverage options. Programs and support vary by region.

Personal Wellness

IDS employees are more likely to perform at their best when they are feeling their best. To help you and your family lead healthy, balanced lives, IDS provides a broad range of tools, resources and personal wellness assistance, which vary by region.

Employee benefits are compliant and competitive based on your region or country. Contact us for more detailed benefit information.