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It’ll likely be a while before we understand the real economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic. It pushed remote work and digital consumer experiences into the spotlight, but it also impacted company budgets.

Our new ebook — titled, Growth Opportunities to Drive Digital Transformation  — offers some insights regarding the new buying process.

“IDS demonstrated they could provide the scalability, reliability, and operational efficiency we need to support our growing business.”

-Jeff Focht, Diversified President

“We evaluated options in the market and selected IDScloud based upon the strength of its funtionality and the ability to quickly migrate to the cloud.”

-Deepak Yadav, Sharp Imaging and Information Company of America

“We selected IDScloud based on its ability to scale with our business and integrate with other ecosystem applications like Salesforce.com. This provides us with a broader view into our business delivering data and analytics needed to make strategic business decisions.”

– Steve Siler, Stonebriar CTO

How the world acquires equipment and other assets is changing and creating lucrative new opportunities for your bank, your brand or your independent lending firm. Only one asset finance platform gives you both proven operational excellence and the freedom, flexibility and economy of SaaS — IDScloud™.


Benefits of SaaS: Affordable, Flexible, Easy

You want to grow. We want to help. And we make it easy with IDScloud.

Pay Only for What You Need

Scale up or down quickly as things change

Respond Quicker to Deals

Get off spreadsheets and move fast

Simplify IT Infrastructure

All you need is an internet connection

Reduce Your Operation Costs

Automate more of your processes

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