The main goal as a lender in the secured finance industry is to win deals quickly without compromising quality and risk. One solution is our recently launched IDS Pricing service – a powerful standalone offering for those with an existing origination infrastructure.

Key Features and Benefits of IDS Pricing Service to Win Deals

Our standalone IDS Pricing service tool fully automates the lease and loan origination pricing process – all without leaving your existing origination system. That’s been the greatest pain point we’ve heard when talking with secured finance professionals. They’re ready to transform and automate their pricing functions, but in a seamless, fast, accurate way that doesn’t require them to invest in more infrastructure.

And that’s what IDS Pricing service provides. From simple to highly complex deals, IDS Pricing service automates time-consuming manual processes, calculates quotes, streamlines data entry, reduces risk, and creates reports in one simple process.

And this is all done behind the scenes with RESTful API – giving you access to IDS’s proven pricing engine, rate automation, and reporting features that bring speed and simplicity to lease and loan approvals so you can win more deals quickly.

IDS Pricing Service Offers Peace of Mind

IDS Pricing service also ensures peace of mind as you can trust the information you need to win a deal that is consistent and incorporates the latest updates in regulations and pricing. Deploying the IDS Pricing service ensures you are accessing consistent pricing with the ability to reprice during negotiations, full tax benefits on leases with pre- and after-tax pricing, built-in tests to ensure compliance, and more.

Scalability and Flexibility of SaaS

Just like the rest of the IDS portfolio of solutions, the scalability and flexibility of our true software-as-a-solution (SaaS) subscription service let you add the features and capabilities you want when you want them. That means you only pay for what you need.

As you grow, IDS’s Pricing service grows with you. We can quickly scale up all our services to accommodate higher volumes, new markets, or additional asset classes.

What’s next?

We are committed to investing in new product solutions that align with market needs to help you grow your business. Our primary objective is to invest in technologies to make your job easier, win deals more quickly, and keep your existing customers happy.

If you want to be in the know as we launch new products, I invite you to join our community on LinkedIn.

Our team of secured finance technologies would love to help you unlock the full power of our IDS Pricing service so you win deals sooner. Contact us to learn more.

Kristie Kosobuski, Senior Director of Product Management, IDS