Next-Generation Floorplan Finance Software

IDS Floorplan is designed exclusively for floorplan finance lending of any asset type, whether it’s Pay As Sold (PAS) or Scheduled Payment Program (SPP).

From initial credit review to full loan and portfolio servicing, customized business rules can automate your most labor-intensive tasks – all while controlling risk and improving your bottom line.

Fast to implement in as little as 90 days, IDS Floorplan is an industry-proven solution for the North American floorplan finance industry.

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If you’re looking for ways to enhance your existing floorplan finance offering, IDS floorplan finance software can take your lending operation to new heights.


Best-in-Class Software

IDS Floorplan based on proven White Clarke Group’s CALMS Compass technology

Highly configurable

With a 360-degree view of your business from the portfolio level to the individual dealer

Risk Management

Supporting strong risk management, full credit line flexibility, trend analyses, and forecasting data


Designed exclusively for floorplan finance lending of any asset type, whether it’s PAS or SPP

Secure self-serve

Enhance your customer experience and reduce internal manual processes with the dealer and supplier portal

Business Process Automation

Group, organize and prioritize accounts based on customized business rules and parameters

Complete control

Evaluate portfolios against a dashboard of prioritized accounts for collection and create a customized ‘watch list’ of accounts

We scale to fit you

Designed from new entrants to large-scale lenders that just want a better system.

Speed to Market

Fast to implement in as little as 90 days

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