A Powerful Pricing Tool

Accurately quote and analyze the details of your most complex asset financing structures with InfoAnalysis®.

  • Provides modeling for pre-tax and after-tax pricing
  • Pricing for all loan and lease types
  • Provides reports and analysis of transaction details

Key Business Features

Quick and Accurate Pricing

Templates can be used to streamline data entry by defaulting data, only requiring the entry of the details specific to the deal. Calculate quotes and create reports in one simple process. Easily modify any details of the structure and reprice.

Flexible Pricing Options

Price your deals while targeting specified yields or APRs. Select to solve for rental amounts, residual values, asset costs, or number of payments.

Lease Classification

Configurable lease classification tests will validate present value of the rental stream and the economic life of assets.

User Configurability

Customize data entry pages to capture the data you need and display the relevant results and reports.

Explore the Full Portfolio

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