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Asset finance organizations worldwide choose InfoLease® because it provides a rock-solid foundation for their organizations. Built on business logic that shaped the industry and has been continuously updated over 40 years, InfoLease® brings automation and actionable insights to the entire portfolio management process — spanning contract management, billing and invoicing, taxation and end-of-term. 

  • Complete support for lease, loan & line of credit contracts for a broad range of asset classes
  • End-to-end solution for booking, billing & collection through end-of-term
  • Configurable, API-driven, open architecture
  • Frictionless extensibility to meet changing needs

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Key Business Features

Managed Services
Managed Services
Managed Services
Supports usage/consumption models. Manages and tracks complex asset usage, including settle-ups, swaps, multiple meters per asset, annual increases and recalculation of last overage rate.
Variable Rate Leases & Loans
Variable Rate Leases & Loans
Variable Rate
Track and manage variable interest rates. InfoLease® offers various types of floating rate contracts, including fixed payment and principal reduction contracts. Manage open-ended financial agreements.
Securitizations / Syndications
Securitizations / Syndications
Securitizations / Syndications
Facilitates the management and accounting of even the most complex financial structures and packages.
Vendor / Dealer Channels
Vendor / Dealer Channels
Vendor / Dealer Channels
Provide support to vendor, dealer and channel partners through functionality that includes funding, white labeling, configurable invoices and support for dealer programs.
Tax Compliance
Tax Compliance
Tax Compliance
Enable tax compliance through tracking tax rates, location and applicable tax calculations directly in InfoLease® with our pre-integrated vertex services option for supplied tax rates and location information.
Inventory Management
Inventory Management
Inventory Management
Access and review information at any point in the asset lifecycle. Quickly determine inventory levels, assets coming off lease and new assets in inventory. Also, track refurbishment fees on-the-fly.

Technology Highlights

Open API Infrastructure

Leverage InfoLease’s open, extensible business logic across your enterprise through open extensible APIs. Connect with other systems, create customer and partner self-service capabilities, and integrate InfoLease into your broader ecosystem.

Comprehensive Configurability

You can create custom worklists to manage your business processes, customer preferences and other criteria. Define custom fields, integrate with third party services and more.

Portfolio Analytics

Turn raw data from your portfolio into actionable insights you can use to reduce costs, improve service levels, mitigate risk and expand into new asset classes or geographic markets.

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