Nearly two months after COVID-19 forced many organizations to shift to work-from-home infrastructures, the business challenges presented by remote work and connectivity are becoming clearer. While many organizations seamlessly transformed some of their processes to perform well online, some of the more complex processes have been more challenging.

Some of the questions that we have heard from many lessors over the past few weeks are:

How can I streamline my document paper trails to align with emerging online workflows? And how can I make this transition without incurring errors and costly delays? 

As more employees begin to work remotely, paper contracts represent one potential roadblock standing between you and new opportunities to grow your business. After all, paper documents create a host of security concerns for remote workers—from printing and signing to distribution and disposal.

Transitioning legacy processes to the digital realm presents other challenges, including:

  • Tracking down the right addresses for customers who may also be working from home.
  • Accidentally sending a completed contract to an empty office.
  • Executing multiple rounds of changes to printed documents, with unavoidable mailing wait times in between each one.

Secure digital documentation provides a proven answer for all of these challenges. Fortunately, e-document and e-signature solutions have been on the market for years—and many of these solutions are well-established within the financial industry. If you have been contemplating taking the digital leap, there has never been a better time. The technologies are reliable and the business case for digital transformation has been thrust upon us with the global pandemic and the surge of remote work.

Rapport software was designed with digital simplicity in mind

Whether you’re just getting started with your digital transformation or looking to expand your digital footprint into new areas, IDS can make the process easy, affordable and non-disruptive for you.

Our Rapport origination software offers distributed integrations with e-signature providers DocuSign, Adobe Sign, and eOriginal. You can quickly prepare documents in Rapport and package them up for secure transmission to an e-signature solution. In addition to initiating the e-signing process, Rapport users can also view the progression of documents or cancel transactions as needed.

The software is incredibly easy to use. You can prepare, proof and send a document with just a few clicks, then monitor its progress through every step of your workflow. With Rapport’s e-signature integrations, you can see when documents have been delivered, viewed and signed.

Deploying a solution like Rapport is a surefire way to help your business navigate the short-term challenges created by remote work. It also offers long-term efficiencies that will make your operation more agile, secure and cost effective. E-signature solutions can help reduce document transit time and minimize administrative costs related to printing and mailing completed documents. In addition, they introduce multiple layers of secure authentication to ensure only the right users have access to sensitive information.

Sound intriguing? Contact your IDS customer service rep today to discuss adding an e-signature solution to your documentation process.

As part of our upcoming Rapport release in June, we will be enhancing e-signature functionality to include automated document processing, which will allow for a more streamlined application workflow. Get a first look at Rapport’s expanded functionality at ConnectionPoint 2020.

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Scott Wall, Product Manager, IDS