Configure the Perfect Secured Finance System.

IDScloud gives you incredible flexibility. You can easily configure our technology to align with your specific growth and cost management goals. Part of our value is identifying best-in-class integrations that expand the power of our platform. Our development team has ensured that deploying these integrations is fast and easy — so you experience exceptional time-to-value. We encourage you to explore these integration partners and watch for new additions as they become available.

IDS Offerings






Loan Management,
Credit Monitoring


Recourse & Non-Recourse,
Purchase Order Financing



Partner Integrations

American Lease Insurance

Ensure every contract is fully protected with sufficient coverage through an automated program integrated with IDScloud.


Manage and protect every origination document through their lifecycle in a secure, yet highly accessible digital environment.


Automatically extract financial data from IDScloud to PayNet for delinquency tracking, account monitoring and other key tasks.


Manage asset locations and tax rates for the US and Canada. Frequent updates ensure accurate calculation of tax amounts.

IDS Standard Component Integrations

Automatic Payment Application

Your bank withdraws payments from customer bank accounts and deposits funds directly into your account.

Blended Income

Tracks additional income and expenses related to specific contracts; provides accurate total rate of return.

Buyout Quotes

Calculates payoff amounts for early termination, casualty losses, trade-ups or returned assets.

Customer Service

Provides collections worklists and a structured follow-up system for past-due contracts.

Federal Depreciation

Tracks asset-level federal depreciation for true leases, operating leases and inventoried assets.

General Ledger Link

Creates accounting entries which can be exported from InfoLease to an external general ledger system.

Invoice Interface

Design invoices without custom programming. Choose one universal format or create unique invoices for each account. Add unique processing options and data elements to invoices.

User Defined Worklist

Custom or standard workflows that automate routine customer interactions and other standard processes. Offers flexibility to create, modify, update, and share worklists electronically.

State Depreciation

Tracks asset-level state depreciation for true leases, operating leases and inventoried assets.

Vertex Sales/Use Tax

Integrates InfoLease with Vertex to manage asset locations and tax rates for the U.S. and Canada. Vertex updates current tax rates monthly.

Accounts Payable Interface

Automatically tracks funding transactions in InfoLease to simplify the process.

Lockbox Payment Processing

Imports lock box payments from banks and creates payment batches.

Property Tax Interface

Transfers information between InfoLease and an external property tax system; creates miscellaneous items for property taxes.


Extends contracts past termination dates without requiring set-up of new contracts; continue original contract or set new terms.

UCC Data File Interface

Automates information import/export between InfoLease and an external UCC vendor, who then produces and files UCCs.

Income & Cash Flow Proformas

Forecasts income and cash flow. Proforma types include income, cash, payment, operating lease, income amortization and present value.

D&B—Comprehensive Report

Determine current profiles and future outlooks for accounts by combining the background, payments and financial information from the Business Information Report with D&B’s predictive scoring.

API-Based Paynet—Credit History Report

Powerful credit reporting services help you manage risk and drive growth at a lower cost — supported by automated risk assessment tools, real-time intelligence and predictive analytics.

API-Based e-Signature

Enable electronic document signing for your customers with pre-built integrations from eOriginal, DocuSign, or Adobe Sign.

API-Based Third-Party Pricing Integration

Provides the ability to integrate third-party pricing engines with IAQE. Elevates speed and accuracy in your operations.

API-Based CRM—

An easy integration package provides bi-directional synchronization of customer and dealer data, integration with IAQE and the ability to send/receive applications and status updates.

IDS will continue to work to advance our integrations. Click here to be notified when new offerings or integration partners are added.