Manage and Protect Digital Transactions with Ease
eOriginal services allow lessors to execute 100% electronic transactions—including electronic signatures—for equipment leasing contracts. By removing cumbersome, insecure manual procedures from the process, eOriginal streamlines lease origination, protects security and compliance, and reduces transaction costs for a variety of leasing documents—from origination to end-of-term.

Flexible IDS integrations

eOriginal delivers flexible deployment options— including web-based, mobile and embedded applications.

Speed lease origination

Simplify the loan origination process and populate/pool contracts faster and more efficiently with powerful data capture features.

Track status in real-time

Monitor deals with intelligent routing and automated notifications at predetermined significant signing events.

Proven document compatibility

Configure each step of the e-signature workflow to meet the specific requirements of many different document and transaction types.

Remote friendly signing sessions

Optimize the user interface to match evolving customer needs. Signing sessions can be configured for smartphones and other mobile devices.

Backed by powerful security features

Multiple authentication methods, including security code, OFAC lookup, SMS text PIN delivery and knowledge-based authentication verify transactions and signatures quickly and securely.

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eOriginal SmartSign

Streamline lease and contract documentation by capturing electronic signatures using typed text, image upload, voice recording or signature devices.

eAsset Management

Go beyond electronic signature functionality to manage, secure and store the entire lifecycle of a digital transaction in a fully electronic environment.

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