Credit Reporting

Understand Risk and Allocate Resources
PayNet maintains the largest database of small business loans, leases and lines of credit—including over 24 million contracts. PayNet’s credit reporting services enable lessors to manage risk and promote business growth at a lower cost, supported by automated risk assessment tools that provide real-time intelligence and predictive information.

Complements existing lessor workflows

PayNet credit reporting services were designed to complement lessor business rules and existing portfolio management ecosystems.

Automated decisions

Speed up origination and collections with built-in automated review processes, so you can allocate time and energy to key accounts that require more attention.

Streamline the credit review process

Rate each potential lessee without the time and expense associated with traditional individual credit reviews.

Plan for a more profitable future

Compare verified default rates to forecasted default rates and assign forward-looking credit risk ratings.

Segment by risk profile

Leverage PayNet’s proprietary AI, data and analytics tools to expose risk and group high-risk contracts together for closer observation.

Generate customized reports

Easily generate reports across multiple parameters—and even business segments—as you enter new markets and expand to new asset types.

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Leverage PayNet’s extensive credit database and powerful scoring tools to boost predictiveness and speed credit reviews.

Stronger Portfolio Management

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