Portfolio Risk Visualizer

Unlock Current COVID-19 Insights

The spread of COVID-19 is forcing every industry to adopt creative solutions to minimize critical business disruptions. That’s why we’ve created a real-time tool to help IDS customers serve the needs of their customers and find a profitable path forward.

The IDS Portfolio Risk Visualizer is an independent cloud-native service and is available to all IDS customers at no charge. For non-IDS customers, the application is available for a 120-day free trial.

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Our new Portfolio Risk Visualizer provides 24 x 7 visibility for the assets in your portfolio. Locations of each asset is overlaid with Johns Hopkins COVID-19 data that tracks the spread of the pandemic in real time. Together, these data sets provide you with high-value insights to help you build your plan, optimize your customer outreach and manage risk to your business.*

Presented in an intuitive and interactive map, the Portfolio Risk Visualizer delivers helpful data points for each location, including:

    • Total assets
    • Total net investment/exposure
    • Total residual/salvage value
    • Total asset cost
    • Total COVID cases
    • Total population
    • Number of people impacted

“The Portfolio Risk Visualizer from IDS is spectacular. In one glance and with a few clicks of the mouse, our employees are able to determine where our portfolio lies and how it relates to the current pandemic. This feature helps with our marketing, our deferral program and collection efforts by offering in-time data to help manage the entire portfolio. Very impressive”

-Dan Feeney, CEO, NS Leasing

During this pandemic, IDS remains committed to helping you with both technology and expertise. We hope this mapping tool — illustrating real-time risk assessment — delivers valuable insights you can use to protect your investments.

If you’re a current on-premise customer, fill the form below to learn more about the steps required to activate this complimentary portal. If you’re not currently an IDS customer, complete the form below to learn how you can gain access through our 120-day free trial.

*Currently available only for United States’ portfolio data