International Decision Systems (IDS) is a major data provider to FN50 Vehicle Leasing Companies, Leasing Brokers, Manufacturers, Dealerships, Fleet Managers and increasingly Automotive web site developers across the UK. The experienced IDS Analysts and Data Editors input accurate new vehicle data, forecast future vehicle resale values and predict real-life running costs.

IDS fleet and vehicle management products cover all critical aspects for vehicle data websites, VRM lookups, vehicle management and financing.


Data Direct

Data Direct™

DataDirect™ is a comprehensive new vehicle database from International Decision Systems, a leading Vehicle Data Provider.

DataDirect is currently used by leasing brokers, car dealers and fleet managers throughout the UK to help them make informed decisions when comparing commercial and new vehicles. Many of these organisations stream IDS vehicle data directly into their automotive dealer management system for a complete vehicle management solution. DataDirect includes:

  • A vehicle database that covers approximately 100,000 cars and LCVs up to 7.5 ton
  • The delivery of new vehicle specifications, prices and options at the most competitive pricing structure in the market
  • Daily vehicle data updates for new or used vehicles, cars and LCVs
  • Data is supplied in a format consistent with your current systems and most automotive dealer management systems
  • Each vehicle is defined at Model / Year level with historical data going back up to 10 years

Vehicle Registration Mark (VRM) webAPI

The IDS webAPI allows the return of individual vehicle data by VRM or vehicle description and model year for the full range of cars and commercial vehicles.

  • Standard DataDirect™ vehicle data and industry coding
  • SMR data
  • Technical Data
  • Images

The IDS webAPI is built using Microsoft ASP.Net Web API platform, which allows the creation of HTTP based web services that are accessible from a whole host of computer languages.

Vehicle Registration Mark



Providing real-life forecasted running costs for service, maintenance and repair covering over 10,000 new cars and light commercial vehicles.

Maintenance budget predictions are based on manufacturer main dealer service costs, repair costs, tyre costs and MOT’s. Repair costs for vehicles include an allocation for replacement brakes, wiper blades, clutches, exhaust sections, water pumps, starter motors, alternators, batteries and shock absorbers with our own researched prediction of component life.


4Cast is an online application for calculating vehicle residual value and motor vehicle depreciation for use in setting Whole Life Costs, Leasing Rates and Company Car Selections.

4Cast is a stand-alone software product (SAAS) providing Independent Residual Values for over 10,000 cars and Light Commercial Vehicles up to 7.5 ton from our regularly updated database of vehicles. Residual Values are provided for all mainstream manufacturers and updated monthly.

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