The Ideal Platform for Collaborating with OEMs, Dealers & Distributors

An easy way to add vendor financing to your offerings
Equipment manufacturers, dealers and distributors are increasingly expected to offer vendor financing as an acquisition option for their customers. It’s a growing market and potentially a great way to expand your portfolio. IDScloud gives you the tools you need to set up white label lending relationships with current or new customers.

Bring speed, accuracy & simplicity to the process with IDScloud
The flexibility and scalability of IDScloud makes it an ideal platform for vendor financing. This true SaaS solution allows your customers to create branded lending programs that they can offer their buyers. Our platform lets you create a seamless relationship with your customers — and their buyers — from origination through the life cycle of the lease or loan.

Consultative expertise dedicated to your success
IDS consultants can help you configure IDScloud to align with your vision for a vendor finance program. We’ll help you with every step of the process, including deployment, training, customer onboarding and establishing efficient origination and deal management processes. We also configure IDS solutions to support transaction terms and structures that meet each customer’s cash flow, tax requirements, accounting processes, and business needs.

Positioning Vendor Finance Programs with Potential Customers

If you’re looking for a way to build strong, profitable relationships with manufacturers, dealers and distributors, a vendor financing offering might be the perfect addition to your offerings. Here’s why your customers would want to consider adding financing to their own offerings:

  • Higher Selling Price
    The lack of a large capital outlay is a “value add” for most customers and can justify a premium price
  • New Income Source
    In addition to selling equipment, a vendor finance program lets you generate significant revenue from interest on loans or leases.
  • Deal Efficiency
    If buyers don’t have to search for financing or apply for bank loans, deals can close much faster.
  • Competitive Advantage
    The ability to acquire equipment and secure financing from one trusted source can give you a selling advantage over competitors.

Key Platform Features for Vendor Financing


Configurable, API infrastructure integrates with any IT configuration


Intuitive platform functionality streamlines customer onboarding


End-to-end asset management from origination to end-of-term

Explore the Full Portfolio

We continually bring new capabilities to market. To learn more about our complete portfolio — or request a demo — connect with an IDS asset finance technology specialist.